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Making you aware of all your options is our job and we’re here to protect you, our valued buyer. At VanOverschelde, we guarantee to keep your best interests in mind with honest and fair pricing and procedures. Because we care, we want you to understand what is happening in the custom home industry. 

Take a look at this recent news alert:

Consumers are encountering some not-so-nice tactics when building a custom home.  Some of these strategies are found all over the country, but it is surprising to find it happening in our area. 

What you as a custom homebuyer should watch out for: 

Extravagant Model Homes – Often times, buyers will visit a model home to preview their options and are quickly drawn in by its beauty. But not all buyers are prepared to spend what it would take to replicate a home with those featured items. Generally, the model home has all or most of the available upgrades a builder can provide - making it appear as if the buyer will get each one. However, to make sure buyers actually get what they dream about, they should double-check their add-on options before falling in love. 

Current Home Buyouts 
– During the custom home buying process, promises can be made by the builder to sell the buyer’s current home on their behalf. What appears to be a nice offer at the onset, can turn into a higher cost for the buyer in the end. Many owners don’t realize their home price is simply lowered and then  rolled into their new, custom home mortgage creating an unpleasant surprise along with unplanned payments. 

Budget Bumping – In order to keep a close watch on your bottom line, make sure to agree on the little things up front. Often buyers are encouraged to increase their budgets due to finishing touches added after the building process has begun. It is not unusual to meet buyers in the area who have broken ground and then gone over as much as $100,000 on small touches here and there. 

Overpriced Add-Ons – Many builders will upcharge for accessories, such as light switches, door knobs and special finishes that - at the time - seem minimal. When these last minute add-ons happen, usually the home buyers has already sold their previous home and has larger worries on their plate. These add-ons can add up, and the builder may wait to charge the buyer until the final bill. For example, one area buyer was charged $1,900 for upgraded light switches. The difference in the hardware was only $.50 per piece, but it goes to show that the little things make a big difference to your budget. 

Builder Allowance Deception – Go in cautiously when shown upgrades. Builders may appear to offer allowances that are abundant at the time of the sale, but are not items actually covered by your selected design. Usually they are the cheapest options and not the highest-end offerings, as viewed during the showroom sales pitch. For instance, ask what your cabinet allowances are prior to signing off on them. Many plans offer only the lowest-quality cabinets with two door styles and two stain color options. Upgraded woods like maple and cherry can cost buyers up to 15-25% more than originally priced. Take the case of one area buyer who was building a $750,000 house and his cabinet allowance was only enough to get him low-end cabinets with two door styles and two stain color options. Check your options and make sure you're getting what you want.